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Thermaltake Riing Trio, 3 times better?

Hello and Welcome to another video, It's been a while since we've taken a look at some RGB fans, especially from Thermaltake. The last ones we reviewed where the Riing Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition Radiator Fan's back in April of 2018 and even back then, they were pretty epic!

Today we look at one of their newest models, the Riing Trio 12 and see if they are in fact 3 times better! The Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB is the world’s first intelligent radiator fan with 3 independent 16.8 million colour LED ring design, all featuring 30 addressable LEDs in total and support for Thermaltake’s patented TT RGB PLUS Software with Amazon Alexa Voice support and Razer Synapse 3 or (Razer Chroma) as known by many. The fans themselves utilizes a PWM controlled 120mm high-static pressure fan with long-life hydraulic bearing's and a compression 9 Blade fan design delivering remarkable cooling performance without sacrificing its quiet operation of only 25.2 dBa at 1500 RPM and 19.8 dBa at 500 RPM.

Controlled by both the Patented TT RGB PLUS Software and the Digital Lighting Controller Included in the pack gives you unlimited control and customisation options. The controller is designed with a DIP switch on the back so you can set a number for each controller easier allowing you to add up to 5 devices to one lighting controller and up to 16 controllers to the software. The controller and the coding guide are included in all packs or can be downloaded from the Thermaltake website making it easy for you to get started.

So What's included in the pack? 3 Riing Trio 12 Fans, 1 Controller, 3 Packs of various screws, 1 Motherboard to controller Sync Cable, 1 Molex to Controller power cable and finally a Controller to Controller Bridging cable.

each component is very well made with Black braided cables and no over cut pieces of plastic and no sharp edges, have a very clean and tidy look and very well packed. which are the things we have all come to love about Thermaltake?

For the technical specifications for how these fans perform, The Riing Trio Series is a high static pressure fan design and have a 41.13 CFM. This could be better but it's good enough to keep most system's cool but please note, these fans are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing with efficient operation and the positioning of your fans inside your chassis will improve the effectiveness of your fans.

So now with all the Technical stuff out the way, Let's get onto what you all came for! How good is the RGB LED's and what is the customisation like?

Well, to be Frank, Bloody Fantastic!

So what light modes do we have?


To be honest that is barely scratching the surface. If you choose to you could turn off every other LED in a chosen Riing, have only the outer Riing's working or even the Inner Riing working so the fans glow from the inside outwards. The possibilities are endless and it's fair to say you will have hours of fun creating different ones like police lights, radioactive yellow beacons and so many more. lol

So sitting currently at £113 at the time of this review they are pricier than some of the others but you are getting by far a more superior product as a whole and for that reason! The Riing Trio 12 RGB Fans capture the "MUST HAVE" Award! for there performance, Innovative design and for their level of customisation and you will certainly see these in a build video coming really soon!

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