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Go from zero to hero! Water-cooling Master.

Thermaltake have released a complete guide to water-cooling, This guide shows the end user where to start and how to pan their new set up for water-cooling.

We start with the novice and end up with a expert view.

W e are showing all Thermaltake parts that can be used with different cases, This allowing the end user to choose a case, psu, water-cooling parts, to final look.

We will take them through a new journey of water-cooling, from start to finish.

We are the only company worldwide to be offering this to the end user, so they can start from 0 and go to expert in no time at all.

We have also included our new online shop in scan computers UK. the UK’S largest stockist of Thermaltake products

We would like you to add this to your news articles, or do you have a better suggestion to get this comprehensive guide out to all end users.

I have attached the new water-cooling guide to this email

Please can you use the links below for people to click on.

Water-cooling guide download :-

Where to buy:-

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